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Programme details for – Primary, Secondary, O-Level, A-Level, IGCSE

Why Choose AMETIS?

Our school philosophy commits us fully to the notion of a holistic, rounded education, which cherishes the arts and sports as well as academics as essential dimensions of each student’s education. We are equally committed to the notion of our students becoming adults, who have a moral commitment to making our world a better place as reflective, caring, knowledgeable and principled people.

AMETIS is committed to providing an inspiring and challenging education for every student within a caring and supportive environment. Together there is a sharing of cultures, experiences, opportunities and aspirations, making the most of being part of an international community that provides opportunities for students to excel and achieve their personal best.

Everyone is welcome. The school is non-denominational and the multicultural student body is comprised of Malaysian citizens, Malaysian residents and International students.

Vast Experience
Consistent Quality
Emphasis On Development
Embrace and celebrate diversity

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