Primary School

At AMETIS, we offer the Cambridge International Programmes of Study because we believe in providing the best education possible in order to develop successful learners. We aim to develop learners who are confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged. All our programmes and qualifications follow a learner-centred approach. We are a registered Cambridge International Examinations centre and offer a range of internationally recognised assessments and qualifications such as the Primary Checkpoint, Secondary Checkpoint, IGCSE and A-levels.

In addition to English, all learners at AMETIS, Ipoh from Years 1 to 11 will study Malay and Mandarin as foreign languages during school hours.


Key Stages 1-2: Years 1-6

The Key Stage 1 and 2 curriculum covers the following subjects :-

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Bahasa Malaysia / Mandarin
  • ICT
  • Humanities
  • Art and Design Technology
  • Music
  • Performing Arts / Drama
  • PE
  • Co Curricular Activities
Time Allocation: Key Stage 2


Curriculum Content

At Ametis we will focus on areas of learning rather than curriculum content to enable all pupils to become successful and confident learners and responsible citizens. We advocate a child centred approach to learning. The areas of learning are focused on developing and understanding skills for everyday life.

  • arts – developing creativity and imagination
  • literacy – developing communication/language skills
  • historical, geographical and social understanding
  • mathematical understanding
  • physical development, health and well-being
  • scientific and technological understanding.

We believe in providing a creative curriculum where there is:-

  • cross curricular links and scope for individual learning
  • inclusiveness learning that is accessible and relevant to all learners
  • well integrated use of technology
  • challenging activities that motivate and caters for the learner holistically.
Curriculum Delivery

Key Stage 1 and 2: Years 3-6

Key Stage 1 and 2 will follow the National Curriculum and International Primary Curriculum Core curriculum subjects e.g., English, Mathematics, Science and ICT will follow the New Primary Curriculum and is ongoing. Foundation subjects will be taught through a theme or topic lasting up to 6 or 7 weeks and will link to the IPC Programmes of study. In topic work there is more opportunities for cross curricular links which enables the learner to make connections and makes learning more meaningful.