Teaching in international schools is an adventure. From landing that first job and getting off the plane in your new home to discovering new ways of life and new educational opportunities, there is excitement around every corner.

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Project Cambodia 2 (2018)

ASIA Metropolitan International School (AMETIS) believes that learning takes place in and outside of the classroom. Its annual outreach programmes are certainly a testimony of this. Over the past four years, the school’s programmes have gone beyond boundaries with Project Cambodia 1 (2015), Project Kerala 1 (2016) and Project Kerala 2 (2017). This year, in […]


Project Kerala 2016

ASIA Metropolitan International School (AMETIS) places a huge emphasis on developing learners who excel academically, are competent socially and who are global citizens. The school views outreach programmes as an effective way of achieving these goals. The school’s outreach programmes have been conducted locally, and last year in Siem Reap, Cambodia. This year, the AMETIS […]