Application for a place at AMETIS is as follows:

  1. Making the application

Learners complete the Application Form and attach the following documents:

  • Copies of IC/passport of applicant and parents/guardian
  • School academic and behavior reports
  • Application fee of RM 200.00.
  1. Assessment

The applicant will sit for Placement Tests as follows.


To help the school in meeting the educational needs of the learner, the placement tests are designed to identify the ability of the applicant.

For special cases, where a learner may come from a higher year group level at another school or for a learner who is regarded as gifted, the test scores must be of 80% and above to proceed at the requested level.

  1. Interview

The learner and parent will be interviewed by the Deputy Principal to ascertain the learner’s academic ability, behaviour and maturity, and make the necessary recommendations.

  1. Admission

The parent/guardian is given a report of the outcome of the placement tests and interview and a letter of offer with recommendations on the year group in which the learner is placed.

  1. Individual Education Plan (IEP)

For selected applicants, an Individual Education Plan (IEP) is also prepared. The IEP is designed to meet any identified needs of the child and will form the core of the educational provision for the child at AMETIS. The IEP is shared with the parent to support the learning of the child.

Special Educational Needs (SEN)

AMETIS practises an inclusive policy whereby every effort is taken to provide for the learning needs of the child as long as the child has the ability to learn, does not constantly disrupt or affect the learning of others in the class and has the social skills to cope with mainstream education. AMETIS does not have an SEN Unit or teachers trained specifically for Special Needs. However, staff members undergo training to support individuals with varying and/or special educational needs.

  1. Acceptance of a place

The parent/guardian should confirm acceptance at AMETIS by paying the registration fee, deposit, term fees and all other fees due.