Book Week 2015

2nd-6th March

AMETIS’ First Book Week has been a roaring success! Our weeklong celebration of Literature; from novels to poetry, non-fiction to fiction, recipes to movies has sadly come to an end. We created this week in the hopes of instilling a life-long love of reading in our learners.

Below are some of the fun and exciting activities that took part:

We are Writers
As part of Book Week 2015, our learners are in the process of becoming published authors! In partnership with Scholastic, a leading UK based children’s book publisher, our learners have begun to create a collection of short stories, poems, jokes and ponderings, which will be published and presented, in a bound book. These books will then be available to purchase from the school.

We have ran several competitions throughout the week based on famous and well-known children’s classics and literature.
Secondary learners were placed in mixed year groups and given a famous literary figure to investigate. They then presented their findings in Friday’s assembly.

Extreme Reading Competition
‘Extreme Reading’ is simple. Learners took photographs of themselves reading in an EXTREME!!! The purpose of this competition is to show our learners that reading can be enjoyed at any time… ANYWHERE!
Now, by ‘Extreme’, we obviously didn’t mean life threatening or illegal. We meant creative and imaginative. The learners were shown a range of safe examples in class to inspire them and give them ideas.

There were 3 categories:

  • Primary (Real)
  • Secondary (Real)
  • Photoshop

If you head to our photo gallery, you will be able to see all our amazing entries.

Character Costume Day- Friday, 6th March 2015

This was a glorious end to a fantastic week! Learners and teachers dressed up as characters from novels, poems, plays, mangas, graphic novels and comics. The atmosphere was electric as learners and teachers discussed and reviewed their favourite books and characters with each other.

You can see all our fantastic costumes in our photo galley too.

For more information, please visit our Book Week 2015 website: